Just Some Generalized Ramblings from My Bumfoozled Mind………….

Well, hello there!  How is your Friday going?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  I would love to spend the weekend at the reservoir or lake…it’s going to be more 100+ temperatures around here.  But, I will stay in the coolness of our home instead.  🙂

Do you ever have a problem with your mind being so full of half thoughts and flitting from one thing to another?  I have those times more often than I care to admit, but today seems to be especially bad.  I’ve been trying to think of what I wanted my next post to be, where to begin, etc.  I most definitely did not plan on it being just the ramblings of my bumfoozled mind.  LOL  But, here I sit.  😉

I have several different parchment projects that I want to work on, but I don’t want to take my focus too far away from my lessons.  Then I want to work on my coloring lessons, too.  I am learning how to draw and color with colored pencils.  I just started those lessons last night.  Then I have my current “Techniques” painting lesson to work on.  And, I am working toward beginning my advanced embossing lessons.  There is also a part of me that just wants to sit in my craft room with my stamps and inks and such and do something I haven’t done in nearly two years—create paper cards!  😉  I can’t even remember when I last sat and made paper cards!  Hmmmmm, is it ‘CRS Syndrome’ or has it really been THAT long?  ROFL  I am completely out of practice with paper cards.  😉  Do I even remember how to use cardstock?  (HaHa)

See?  Too many things that I want to do!  Is there a way of making more “Me’s”?  Nah!  Then I wouldn’t get the full enjoyment out of each different thing.  And, OH MY!  We don’t want more ‘Me’s’ running around here!  LOL  There isn’t room enough on the planet for more than one of me!  😉

Actually, I am considering stepping out of this room and going into the living room, sitting in my chair, putting my feet up, and maybe watch a little tv.  Maybe I just need to veg-out for awhile?  Sitting in front of the ‘mashie-tater-maker’ will do it!  :p  My hubby will be home in the morning and will have the weekend off…for a change.  We have to go do the grocery shopping tomorrow, but that’s no big deal.  We’ll do it early, before it starts heating up really bad.  😉

I told ya that these are just the ‘generalized ramblings of my bumfoozled mind’!  I think I’m gonna get off of here and go do something else.  LOL

Until next time…………………….

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