Continuing Education…….

Hi there!  Glad you popped by today! 🙂

I will be honest and say that I have not done anything in my craft room, except get on the computer and check email, so far this week.  😉  My hubby was home through the weekend and left out yesterday.  When he is home, my time is his.  He will most likely be back home sometime tonight, but probably only for the night and part of the day tomorrow.  He only had a short run to Utah this time.  So, I haven’t done anymore work on either of my parchment lessons.  I started working on my shadow embossing lessons the other day.  I have only done the initial embossing layer, so there isn’t anything to show yet.  I’m going through Dorothy Holness’ Embossing book plus Kannikar Sukseree’s “The Art of Embossing” books to learn this technique.  Shadow embossing, or advanced embossing produces art that looks like this:

This was created by Jerri Jimenez. She created it using a pattern by Dorothy Holness. This is shadow embossing along with painting on parchment. You can see her creations on her blog. The link is in my Blogroll…for A Touch of Grace.

I am a huge fan of Jerri’s work!  She is also the lady whom I contacted when I was first looking into getting started with parchment craft.  She has become a special, sweet friend to me over the past couple of years.  She is especially talented and does stunning work!

So, that gives you a small idea of what advanced/shadow embossing is.  🙂  I am particularly fond of ‘whitework’ parchment.  The name is exactly what it sounds like.  No coloring, just straight shadow and solid embossing on parchment paper.  It is a most stunning work of art.

Well, I, finally, was able to sign up for the Kit and Clowder online coloring class!  I’ve been trying for over a month to sign up, but my card has been declined every time.  Last night it happened again, only this time I had another option available to me to try and it worked!  I love this months pencil class!!!  I will be getting started on that in the next day or two.  I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen with Kit and Clowder and I recommend their classes to anyone who wants to learn to color with markers and/or pencils…or who just want to learn new techniques or hone their coloring skills.

I have never colored or painted in my life.  That is one reason why a couple of my recent parchment projects and lessons have brought me a lot of pride.  I never thought I could do it!  I have been so surprised at myself…mainly because I can’t even draw stick people!  Seriously!  I have spent months skipping over the coloring/painting lessons in my books because I didn’t believe I could do it.  I finally just decided that I wasn’t going to skip lessons because they were all part of my learning process in this adventure.  🙂  When I completed my wood violets card and then did the parchment tulips card, I was astounded!  I really can do it!  I wanted to learn more about coloring with my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, so I embarked on a search for tutorials.  That’s when I ran across Kit and Clowder.  So, my journey into the world of coloring and painting continues.  😉

My wood violets parchment lesson:

I have NEVER colored or painted in my life, so this lesson was scary for me. It is painted with watercolor pencils and then embossed. I am quite proud of it.

My parchment tulips card:

This card isn’t from any lesson. It is a pattern from a wonderful designer named Anneke Oostmeijer. This was my first time of coloring with colored pencils on parchment. I am VERY proud of this card! It will probably be placed in a frame. 🙂

Two of my proudest moments in my journey, thus far! 😉

Well, time to get to my chores for the day.  I have spent enough time on the computer for this morning.  🙂  I will be back soon with more……………………….

Until then………………………………………………………………….