Finally Did It…..just not like it was supposed to be

Well, howdy-do!

Yes, I know…it’s been awhile.  LOL  What can I say?  LOL  Trust me…you wouldn’t have wanted to hear from me of late.  It has been a rough time lately and I’ve not been in the best frame of mind.  This past week made a year since we lost our furry daughter.  It has been a rough year altogether, but last week was especially rough.  It is easing up now, some.


I did, finally, complete my last lesson in my “Parchment Craft, The Techniques” vol. 5 book; that I started several months ago.  Unfortunately, I ended up going my own way with the lesson.  LOL  I had done quite well with the base layer, but when I started painting it with the watercolor pencils……well, let’s just say, that was a whole ‘nother story! :p  Or, would that be ‘a whole ‘nother set of problems?  😉  The painting was so horrible that I ended up removing as much of the color as I could.  I pulled out my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and colored the thing instead! Here is the end result:


It isn’t really very good, but trust me, it looks way better than it did!  LOL  I traced the parts of the design around the border with Tinta Gold ink and a mapping pen.  The flower in the center is not traced…it is completely painted/colored only.  I, also, did something different with my embossing.  I wanted to have parts of the flower and leaves to have a concave look, so I embossed those parts from the front side of the parchment.  The rest of the embossing was done in the normal fashion, from the backside of the parchment.  I used my Semi-Square perforating tool to perforate the edge around the card, embossed the tiny dots within the perforations, and then cut the edge with my ring-lock parchment scissors.  I like the edging quite well.

Now that I am finished with this lesson, I will move on to the next one in the next week or so… 😀  I have ‘life stuff’ happening this week, so I won’t get much play time in my craft room.  I have my embroidery project I work on in the evenings while watching television.  I’m almost finished with it…only a handful of flowers left to backstitch.  🙂

Until next time…………………………………….